Wednesday, December 2, 2009


OK...finally...I have found the time to get Thanksgiving on the family blog. MAN...between unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, and fighting a cold, I finally get to post. SO, without further we go! We hopped on a plane and headed to Denver, Colorado. My brother and SIL live out there and we were totally stoked early on to get smokin' flight deals to go visit. We all (grandparents too) set up camp under 1 roof and it was a good time!

WEATHER was AWESOME, so needless to say come 9:30 AM, our first morning, the boys were ready to play!

Of course in the snow!!!

This same snow ritual seemed to happen daily. So, come Thanksgiving morning, I am sure they were thankful for the SNOW!

On Thanksgiving morning I was thankful for this...


We had a delish breakfast with Kizra's (SIL) family and headed to the park for some more Thanksgiving day fun!!!

There was also an awesome field and lake to check out as well.

OH, and of course MORE SNOW!!!


FINALLY...we headed off to Kizra's aunt's house for our turkey. She has a huge family so we knew it would be a good time. Surprise of the evening, Cutter could not get enough turkey!!! Oh, and Christian wanted lots and lots of "eggs" AKA mashed potatoes. :) Go figure.

The kids table with our new friend Emma.

And what Thanksgiving would be complete without a little Rockband!!!

HEY MISTER! Where are you going???

That's are going here...

The Devner Broncos were playing the New York Giants.

Collin scored a night out in Denver, on Thanksgiving no less, with some highschool/college friends and went to the football game. Again, the weather was great so it was an enjoyable football experience.

It was a GREAT Thanksgiving day for all!!!

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  1. GLAD THE TRIP WAS FUN.... was everyone oohhing and aweing over how good you look? hope you splurged and ate some tasty food. looks like a fun trip glad your boys got some snow.