Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fraser and Winter Park

During this trip to Colorado we had the perfect balance of doing stuff and hanging out. One activity was to head to Fraser, CO and Winter Park for the day. We did a little snow tubing and sight seeing. Not going to lie...I thought the whole snow tubing thing would be the best time, but I was freakin' freaked out once we got there. It was icy, fast, and steep! I am totally one to shy away from adventure, so thank goodness for mi amigo in fright, Cutter! It helped he wasn't too into speeding down the slope to his death either. SOOOO...I played the mom card for awhile..."Oops, sorry guys, I have to stay with Cutter. You all go ahead...have fun...dying!" Once again there was good weather, so it was easy to just hang out and be a spectator. I did man up and managed to fight my fear, but Cutter...not a chance! I will admit it was a great time!!! OH...needless to say Christian was his usual crazy self and totally on board with sliding to his death! WEEEEEEE....

I am not surprised by this AT ALL!!! little engine who could...

Or not...I think he's saying "Bye dad...I will just see you when you get back!"

FINALLY...not to be outdone by my 2 year old...

That's right...we were up...WINTER PARK!!!

Had I known how cool Winter Park was going to be we would have eaten lunch there and spent more time checking it out. It's a cool little ski town tucked in the side of the mountain. Totally cute little village, and strangely enough lots more snow than Fraser. I say strange because literally they are minutes apart...we are talking down the street kinda thing. Also crazy was by the time we left our nice weather I swear I saw a 20 something degree number when we were getting out of the car to start our Winter Park voyage. BRRRRRR....was all I could say so it was a fast visit. Sorry Winter Park we'll definitely come back to see you!!!

Hmmmm....where did all this snow come from???


Gotta have a family pic in the snow!!! wouldn't be complete without a tasty treat for Christian...this cookie lasted him the whole ride home!!!

The picture doesn't do the cookie justice. It was HUGE!

Greg and Kizra, thanks for another great day in Colorado!

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  1. I LOVE your family picture!! What cute snow bunnies you all are :)