Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's 3 AM, I am lonely...

Well if that little diddy by Matchbox 20 doesn't sum up my morning, I don't know what does. That's right, I was up at 3 AM and lonely because Collin and Christian were headed to...

Poor Christian woke up hacking/coughing and had some trouble breathing, so after dealing with something similar with Cutter at 9 months, Collin and him were off to the ER. The diagnosis was croup. I guess he was on the more serious end of this particular virus. Sooo, after some breathing treatments, medicine, a popsicle, some cartoons, and orange juice they were out the door with a prescription. Time will tell I guess...

Mad props to Collin though for coming through with some pics on the phone!!! I think he has my sickness where everything now has blog potential. :) Emergency room visits definitely count as blog worthy!!!

Looks like our weekend will be filled with lots of rest and relaxation!!!


  1. I hope Christian feels better soon. I'm very impressed with Collin's loyality to the blog!! Good job. Keep me posted and give him a kiss from us.

  2. oh budy im so sorry, nothing worse then sick kids and ones in hostpital make it all the worse. glad the magic juice worked its magic.

  3. Poor Christian...I guess you are officially off the hook for not coming to my party! Is he any better?