Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Littleton, Colorado

OF COURSE...while we are in Colorado we MUST visit Littleton, and visit the Hosack's! The Hosack Family consists of Kenny, Barb, Halley, John, and Maddie...they are Collin's uncle, aunt, and cousins. WE LOVE THEM! It is always a good time when we get to hang with them! They are always so good to us!!! The bonus is Halley now goes to NAU (Northern Arizona University) so we get to see her quite a bit more. She'll often bless us with her presence every now and then and actually stay for a weekend. The boys love it because she is the best at playing Lincoln Logs!

I just can't say it enough...WE LOVE THE HOSACK'S!!!

Cutter played some ping-pong.

Cousin John hooked them up with some Starfall on the big screen. He was a trooper going through most of the alphabet one by one. :)

Halley and Maddie were even kind enough to read a bit to Christian. This always ends with "again...again".

The night would not have been complete without ice cream!

Thank you Hosack's for the delish pizza, cold beer, and quality family time!!! We loved every minute we had with YOU!!!

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