Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Scott Family!

So take yourself back to my Tucson post and you'll remember that one of our trip highlights was that there was a professional photographer who wanted to take pics of our kids playing in the splash fountains. Enter the Scott Family who lives in California and have a photography company. Seriously, these were the nicest people and if you can believe it we got the pics today in the mail! They were so nice and said they would send us a CD at no charge saying it was just for FUN! WOO HOO!!! LOVE THEM!!!

NOW the kicker...while Mr. Scott left to go get his camera we started talking and turns out they are from California but were in Tucson because their son plays for U of A! We made it known that we were Sun Devils and luckily they didn't hold it against us and still took the pictures. :) So, turns out the QB Matt Scott is their son and it was fascinating hearing about the inside scoop on what these kids go through while being wooed to be on college teams. I wanna say someone on our team went to highschool with him so it's a funny connection to me.

I would like to say all is fair in football and photography...and we might...well I might...have to be sure to keep my eye on U of A this year, and maybe give Matt a little love!? I mean his parents were awesome so really he can't be that bad. So GO MATT, I hope YOU do well and you have some good numbers this year!

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Scott for some great pics!!! We appreciate your kindness and generosity!!!


  1. p.s. you still need to change your oh so annoying commenting thingy. techinical I know.

  2. cute pics... way cute... go matt!!!

  3. how generous! those boys are getting do super big!