Saturday, September 12, 2009


So today we were celebrating family birthdays on Collin's side and I don't know what Christian was thinking but his was not one we were celebrating!? I guess he just wanted in on the action. We were celebrating Collin's dad, our niece, and my sister-in-law's mom's birthdays. It's funny as families get bigger, how birthdays seem easier to group. :) Kylie, our niece, picked the meal and it was YUMMY!!! We had steak, potatoes, and a delish strawberry salad. I LOVED it and ate like a pig! I'm not ashamed!!! To top it off we had a FABULOUS chocolate cake baked by Melinda (my SIL) and let me tell you she could put Betty Crocker to shame! Excellent meal compliments to the chef!!!

Cutter and Christian are not at a loss for things to do over at their Aunt and Uncle's house. From the trampoline, to swimming, to rocking out, they can always find something FUN to do.

They even have parakeets!!!

One awesome thing about going to the cousins' house is they are excellent gymnasts so it's like free gym time at their house. Cutter was actually taking some gymnastics the past few months at our community center so it was kinda fun for him to bust out some of his moves.

And even though there is plenty to do, here's what happens when mom and dad are too comfortable, and their mischievous son, Crazy Christian, is left alone too long...TROUBLE!!! Again...this kid is a stinker!!!

(Not to worry we did let him have a could we say no to those big brown eyes!!!)

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  1. that is so my dax he is not one to celbrate a birthday with out a song sung to him. looks like a fun celbration and the food sounds oh so tasty.