Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poop+Stink=Slumber Party

So I betcha didn't know that...did you? Well last night at bedtime we had some chaos and 1 upset child. :( It was bedtime, we put Cutter down first. (He still sleeps in a pull up so he usually uses this time to poop.) We like to give him his privacy. :) ANYWAY...I am up helping Collin and hear Cutter yelling for me to come change him...I say hold on...then I go in after a few minutes...Cutter is saying change me with his butt up in the air like a tee pee and I am thinking what the heck? turns out it was too big for his pull up, some how leaked out, and he was trying to not get in it. HILARIOUS (his position) but I felt bad that I totally was making him hold this position the entire time I am shooing him off for Collin. He then got totally upset that he had poop in his bed (let me say it was like nothing major...tiny drops if you will) and Collin came to pull him down out of the top bunk (still in tee pee position) and the tears would not stop because of the poop in his bed! Cutter then crying and crying says, "I have to sleep in your bed because there's poop in my bed!" Well of course you do!!! :)

**sidenote** we totally let our kids sleep in our bed, I LOVE IT, I mean how long are they going to want to snuggle up with you?! So more power to him!!! Needless to he is...

Now, Cutter usually is the one who is in our bed, Collin likes to ask why he always does and Christian doesn't...yadda yadda during all this chaos Christian is watching his show in our bed. SO instead of kicking him out so Cutter can go to bed...let's just move Christian's bed in and have a big slumber party!!! WOO HOO!!! I also couldn't make him sleep in their room because it was sooooo stinky!!! So that's what we did (slumber party) and here's what we found at the foot of our bed at almost 10 o'clock....when we came to check on them.

Our little stinker not sleeping and happy as can be!!!

Not much sleep happened for the parents but these are the moments we'll wish we had instead of a good night's sleep! Well....maybe....


  1. uh,hmmm. Not the reaction I would have over my 4 1/2 year old pooping in the are a saint!

  2. How cute is Christian?!?? I LOVE that kid!!

  3. im telling you YOU NEED TO TRY THE COLD SHOWER TRICK!!!! and i love that you let the boys sleep you, it is precouse times