Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mommy make-up day!

So, I assume I am not the only mom who has bad mommy days...if I am...then what's your secret?! Yesterday was not one of my better days as a mom, so today it's "make up" day for my kids. I decided I would find some fun activity for us to do. Cutter had a half day so that made things very schedule friendly! What did I choose??? Surprisingly, I chose an activity that had the potential to be a disaster and a mess!!! Voila.....

This is probably shocking to most because it's messy, I am alone with 2 boys and have to be alert at all times! It definitely does not fit my "mellow" activity persona, the one you know that doesn't like to do something that will be too much work! However, like I said it was my "make up" to the boys for being a butthead and I needed to make them love me again! I was willing to do ANYTHING!!! So here we was very easy and FUN!

The boys did an excellent job staying seated and really seemed to like painting!!!
(I did make sure I put them in clothes I wouldn't care about being ruined.)

If this is the biggest mess I had to deal with then WOO HOO!!!

BAM!!! The finished product....

Saturday can not come soon enough to see them all shiny and finished!!!

Sorry Cutter and Christian for being a mommie dearest yesterday...


  1. what a blast!!! the finished product is fancy, i bet the boys loved getting all dirty.
    oh an i feel like i have those bad mom days like everyday.

  2. Hi~
    Loving your blog. I am having fun watching you and the boys! We miss you in San Diego!
    ps- I can't imagine you EVER being a bad mom. YOU ARE THE BEST! Hope to see you soon!
    With love,
    Chris and Ryan