Thursday, April 28, 2011

A ZOOPER field trip!

We had our last kindergarten field trip today. The Wildlife World Zoo was our destination. I like to call this the dirty zoo. Not so much for hygenic reasons, it's just got a lot of dirt! I broke the rule of bringing siblings, and took Christian along for the ride. The beauty of bus ride!!! We had a good time!

Cutter acknowledging us, as he heads for the bus.
He wasn't too sure about the solo bus ride.

Christian wasn't the only sibling stow away.
This is his friend Brena.

Train ride with Paige.
(Cutter says she is his best friend.)

Snack break...

Not quite sure how my kids took over the wagon?!

Oh, we did see some animals too. :)

The drive was easy, Christian was good, and weather was nice!

I'd say this field trip deserves an E for EXCELLENT!

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  1. a "E" hu, thats pretty dang impresseive! i so love the zoo and im really missin my passes. glad you guys had a ball!