Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It caught up with him....

Cutter's love for WIPEOUT landed him here....


That's right, Collin and Cutter just got home from a late afternoon at John C. Lincoln. Now, we weren't there, but according to Christian, Cutter was playing Wipeout on the slide, and he WIPED OUT!!! When he didn't stop crying and his elbow swelled up, we thought a visit was necessary. Once again, KUDOS to Collin for coming through with the camera phone. :)

He watched some Spongebob.

He got a x-ray.

Which led to this...

Still smiling...he's outta there!

With a diagnosis of a fracture of the right radius, we now need to go to the ortho for another x-ray. After that we'll know what our timeline is for this arm contraption.

Just another day in the Kennedy house.


  1. Poor Guy!! I think Wipeout needs to be wiped out from your tivo!! I'm sure they will still play it but hopefully around a bunch of pillows!

  2. Who knew....Cutter was such a daredevil? Not gonna lie I'm a little proud. But I hope he heals fast!

  3. holly hell.. cutter you poor kid.

    although the name of the game sounds pretty awsome, my boys might want to give it a whirl.

    kudos collin those camera phones come in handy:)