Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Weekend at a Glance...'s Sunday...everyone's in bed...and it has been brought to my attention that I am "slipping" in my blog posts. (So says my hubby.) ANYWAY...I am tired, but gotta do a post. :) So despite ASU losing...or getting crushed...we managed to have some fun. This weekend we fit in some gymnastics, soccer, ASU, family, the park, dinner out, church, AND guess what...the dirty carnival was back...AGAIN!!! WOO HOO! I didn't get it together picture wise for most of these outings, but I did come through on the park and the DC...aka...dirty carnival!!! :)

We busted out the bikes for the 1st park trip this year!

We did some swinging...

some backward sliding...

and some climbing.

That was our DC Sunday...
We got in some funhouse activities.

Cutter braved the mini roller coaster this time.

Christian looks thrilled doesn't he?!
Cutter got to go on his fave the Sizzler and unfortunately he was a few inches too short.

Both boys tackled the big FUN slide!

All in all it was a good yet tiring weekend!
Glad it's Monday tomorrow, because I need a rest!!!

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  1. What a fun filled weekend! Did you end up getting costimes for the kids too?