Monday, October 4, 2010

Kindergarten Happenings

Today was the day we celebrated Johnny Appleseed at Cutter's school. It was my first go at helping out in the sum that up...EXHAUSTING!!! All the moms were in charge of an apple activity station. It was fun, but I found that being that involved doesn't lead to me getting ANY pictures! WTH! I was lucky in the end to get one. Woo hoo! (I do say that w/ a bit of sarcasm.) :)

This is the class in their apple glasses.

Ah, the happy participant.

To finish the morning I asked Cutter who Johnny Appleseed was.
The answer, "He is a man who walks with no shoes."

REALLY....that's it?!

I am thinking Cutter might not have been too impressed by Mr. Appleseed. ;)

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