Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday's What's Happening

Good day....good day! Met up with my long lost peeps, Paige and Jamie, for some bagels and chit chat. (I think they convinced me to get bangs and hit the pool with them this summer.) Jamie even made it extra special by making it a little belated bday celebration for me. :) Thanks for the bagel, Christian's OJ, and the sweet earrings! I seriously just bought the perfect shirt for them!!! I'm lookin' forward to bustin' them through the holes in my ears!

The kiddos all cooperated for a picture. :)

Christian and I got some good park time in with Paige and Elle.
(Uh, this is not from today, but I needed a park pic since I didn't take the camera to the park.)

Cutter even scored an ice cream with mom for being a good swim student.
(I am not above bribing my kids!)

I'll take a day like this ANYTIME!!!


  1. oh what a wed. it was. had i know that bagel place put on such a good breaky spread we would have been hitting more often. glad we got to party a bit for the big bday. and i cant waite to see the new you... bangs and swimming... whats this world coming too.

    oh and feel free to do a blog post when you sport those earing and fancy new shirt to match.

  2. Seriously it was so good to catch up...please stop being a hermit and start being my friend...every other monday right?!

  3. Bangs?!?!!? I think you'd look cute. When are you going to do it? Can't wait to see the new earings and shirt :)

  4. Sounds like a super fun Wednesday to me! You should make it a weekly thing:)