Thursday, May 20, 2010


Tonight we headed off to Cutter's school for his Pre-K performance and graduation! It was too cute and definitely one of those moments where we think, "where does the time go?" I know I seem to say that alot, but really I can't believe kindergarten is on the horizon?!

The pre-k kiddos put on a good show with singing, diplomas, good food and a slide show. I'll take a graduation ceremony like this any day!

The calm before the storm...Cutter with some of his friends.

Christian finally getting to play with the trains in the classroom.
(Everyday at drop off he asks to play with them and I say "next time".)

The Class of 2010 Pre-K graduates! :)

Cutter and his teacher Mrs. Munoz.

Cutter and his teacher assistant Ms. Kim.

Christian still playing with toys.

Really... we can't get a good pic of these two together?!

OH, there always has to be ice cream!!!


Kindergarten here I come!!!

***SIDENOTE***I know, I know where's the new do with bangs pic???
I had one, but it was my wrong side, so you'll have to wait! :)


  1. oh dont do it... dont make me waite another second me wants to see the bangs lorie style..
    congrates cutter you look like one smart little prek dude.

  2. You did that on purpose!! I can't beleive that you're going to make us wait to see the bangs. I need to call you right now :)