Monday, May 10, 2010



Oh the joy of swim lessons...UGH!!! First off, let me just say, who knew how expensive swim lessons were!? I DIDN'T!!! I guess you can't put a price on your child's safety!!! Or can you???

Well we wanted to get Cutter right in and going so we found a company, and he started today with Coach Alex. I was hoping the whole guy thing would work in my favor. Cutter needs to be pushed and I was hoping Alex wouldn't coddle him too much. I was right!!! We did have some tears but overall I was pleased with his first attempt back in the water. 5 more sessions to go. I see a little kick?!

During this kickboard activity he had fear all over his face and kept saying, "I need to go back to the steps...I need to go back to the steps."

Cutter holding on for dear life!

He finally looks at peace...whew!

I guess I gotta work on my bribe system for Wednesday.

HMMMMM....straws, McDonald's, ice cream...oh the choices???

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