Friday, October 23, 2009

When did it happen???

Seriously, someone please tell me when my 1st baby got old enough to have a parent teacher conference??? I don't know where the time went, but he had one today. So, after the conference, I started feeling a little nostalgic and started looking through pics to see exactly where the time went. Cutter was our first baby and as new parents we could not have asked for a better baby, toddler, and now I guess child. He has always had a very calm and mellow demeanor. Sometimes I am so taken back at just how sweet he is. It's so reassuring to know others see the same, as his teacher reiterated today. All went well for our first conference and needless to say he can have a gold star from us for being such a good boy at school!

Cutter, we love you and are soooo excited to see what path you take as you grow. We look forward to all the stages of your life and know this is only the beginning of great things! You are truly one of our greatest blessings from God!

Again...I say....where does the time go???


  1. I just got teary eyed!!

  2. He is such a special little boy! And I never realized how much Christian looks like him when he was younger.

  3. I can totally relate to this! It's amazing how fast it all flies by. And to think, in the thick of things, we sometimes ask how we can speed the "season" up (at least I do). The shame! Thanks for the reminder to appreciate every. little. moment.