Sunday, October 18, 2009

GAME DAY part 2....ASU GAME!!!

HOORAY for ASU! It was an awesome game ending play that ASU made to beat Washington! So glad the boys were there to see it. We stayed for all 4 quarters, and by the time we got home and kids in bed it was midnight. They were terrific fans and stayed awake until we made it back home. PARTY ANIMALS!

They got to experience it all...tailgating...pregame festivities...yummy football snacks...and lots of cheering! This was Cutter's 2nd game and Christian's 1st, but he was way into it. They got a little squirmy during the second quarter but luckily one of my good good friends...Tracy...was there with her fam so we hiked on over to her section and the kids got to run around with her kids and burn some energy. (How did I miss that picture opportunity?) OH was so great to see them!!! Thanks to them we were able to make it through the last 2 quarters peacefully and happily! :)

The boys slept in late this AM...woke up at 9:45...and we headed off to church. They were still chanting A..S..U...and when I picked Cutter up from his church class the teacher made sure to tell me that they heard all about the ASU game! HYSTERICAL!

Cutter and Christian at the tailgate.

Just enjoying some licorice...a bribe to keep them seated.

Christian, so focused on the game.
We had a blast and I am sure we have made the boys ASU fans for life...or I should hope at least for this season anyway!


  1. That family picture should be your christmas card. I love it!!! Glad that you all had fun.

  2. That post was from me by the way :)

  3. you guys are brave taking the boys to the game. looks like fun and i second the xmas card comment super cute.