Saturday, October 17, 2009


That's right we had our first soccer game this morning...not cool by any means...but lots of fun! After we found the field and got settled, it was just the right time for Christian to freak out because he wasn't going to get to play. AWESOME! I knew it was coming but you never can be too prepared for one of Christian's fits. When he is unhappy and wants his way, he does not back down. So...luckily Collin was able to mellow him out and he was happy on the sidelines, as long as he was with Daddy. :) (Due to some coaching craziness, Collin is now able to be a regular parent on the sideline without the stress of any coaching.) we are ready to watch Cutter with no distractions.

Good times watching a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds running around aimlessly. That was our team...the other team...well let's just say this was not their first time. They were good, and we were totally outscored. However, it was too cute watching the kids try to get it together. I think we are having an extra practice this week. David Beckham will not be worried about his job this week. :)

Weather was ridiculously hot for this time of year, so Cutter was ready for the game to be over. I am sure just so he could partake in this activity...

Good news, Christian got some too, so we escaped that meltdown. At the end of the game Cutter said he did awesome and I agreed! I would say the first game was a success for him! We are looking forward to a great soccer season!

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