Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Day in the Life...


So what does a 38 year old do on her bday???

She tries to start the morning off with a pic of her kids...

Goes to workout...

If she's lucky enough, she has a buddy that wants to go eat pizza & have a pedicure.

She goes to the kiddos flag football game, of which she is responsible for snacks at.

She's also lucky enough to have a super FAB neighbor, who bakes her a cake!
  Decides she needs a pic of what 38 years old looks like.

AND...if she's REALLY LUCKY...the same buddy who she played with earlier, will sneak over while the 38 year old is not home, and do something extra special as a surprise!
(The buddy will also call at 9:00 to see if the 38 year old has even been outside?!  OOPS!)

I guess...38 might not be so bad.


  1. Cute! Looks like you had a perfect day! And you have some super nice friends :)You haven't aged one bit! 38 looks good on you. Love ya!!

  2. LORI YOU ARE ONE FOZXY 38 YR OLD!!! im so glad brooke and you lived the big day adn i love love the plants!! the cake looks delish and im glad i got to see you for a bit on the fields!! love you girl!