Thursday, March 14, 2013

LEGOLAND...part 2

Well what to say about expensive...lame expensive, BUT, the kids had fun, so what's a parent to do?!


I will say, it was a good start to getting Cutter pumped up for the bigger, scarier rides.  He really surprised us, and went on some MANLY, well BIGGER BOY rides!

This kid kept me entertained, while we waited.


The good time sign!

But who are we kidding...this place was made for Christian!

OH, the building!

OH, the Star Wars!

OH, the Lego Chima!

All ready for 4D Lego Chima.

Speaking of LAME rides...
we had to lie about his age to get him on this!



In the end, he walked away with a new Chima toy...


And Cutter got some straws.
DON'T JUDGE...the kid wants what he wants!

Mark Legoland off the list...

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  1. i think you and me have the exact same idea of that shitty place... its a one and done for the kids sake!!! i so glad to hear you lied for the car ride too.. what a joke!! but moslty glad to hear you kids had fun.. the things we do ;)