Saturday, March 23, 2013

A day late...

For the 10 year anniversary post!

So what do you do for your 10 year anniversary??? go workout, hit field day, race home to get your kinder's homework done and get him off to school.  Luckily, the husband is home, so we hit lunch, go get donuts for the older kid's class, go home, shower, make a last minute trip to Walgreen's, go back to school to celebrate older kid's bday at school. is out, it's spring break, kids play outside, then as a family (because that's where being married 10 years has brought you) you hit Ajo Al's for the anniversary dinner, because that's where it all started!  I wouldn't change a thing!



  1. You are a gorgeous bride and you look exactly the same today, you lucky thing. Congrats on the big 10!!!

  2. congrats you too!!! LOVE how you spended the big day, nothing better!!!