Thursday, May 24, 2012

Done and done!

This has been a crazy week...way too busy for my taste, so I for one am glad school is out!!  Christian had a field trip to the splash pad, and Cutter had a field trip to Barros.  I have no pics of either.  :)  Both had end of year celebrations during school hours, so it was nice to not have to fit anything in during the evening hours.  I can't wait until tomorrow morning when we don't have to do one thing! 

Christian's shin dig was Wednesday morning.

I have one more year with my half day buddy.


 Since we were at school, we snuck Cutter out to see Christian.

Next stop...kindergarten for Christian.

LAST DAY PIC for Cutter.

He got to choose his celebratory lunch...PF CHANG'S.

We all enjoyed the choice!

Bring on the lazy summer days!!!

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  1. sounds like you did it up right... and im with you on the lazy days.. pjs and swimmsuits all day long, cant beat that!