Monday, September 5, 2011

Tucson...part 2...wrappin' it up!

Let's just call day 2...the 11 hour pool day extravaganza!

The fun begins at 9:30.

Waterslide at 10:00

Christian doing the test run w/ dad.

Perfect spot for watching the waterslide action.

WOO HOO...he's going solo!!!

CW giving me some love in between slide runs.

Oh, you gotta love happy kids.



Oops...spoke too soon...

Timeout for CW.

6:00 PM...dinner & ping pong break w/ new friends.

7:00 pm...back to pool for cosmic slide time.

Christian coming out of the darkness.

It was a party...and the perfect way to end the night.

The kids were out in minutes when I took them up to bed.

DAY 3...we took advantage of the late checkout.

We had some more slide time...

Cutter played some wipeout...

Played some more ping pong...

Finally, we said good-bye to the spiders and snakes in the lobby.

Once again...Tucson did not disappoint.

That's it...summer is officially over for the Kennedy family!!!


  1. ahhhhh! the Ritz I want to hit that place so bad! I'm glad you had a fun weekend and hope you got in the water worry free cause let's face're a BABE!

  2. what a blast lori that place looks amazing!!! and i think your right, its a get away with out a long ass drive!! and paigers is so right a true your a