Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ahhh....fall is in the air!

This weekend we took a little day trip up to my aunt's cabin to meet our cousin's new baby. He was cute, but I gotta admit that one of the best parts up there was getting to wear a sweatshirt! WOO HOO!!! The boys had a GREAT time, and as much as I am not a Thanksgiving fan, I might be starting me a countdown for when we head up there next.

Christian looked for squirrels...

picked some flowers...

and continued to brush up on his ping pong skillz.

Cutter hung out with his mommy...

and rested with his daddy.

We even attempted a family pic.

My 3 boys...I am thinking blue is a nice color for pics.

Let's not forget a little bit of craziness.

Thanksgiving...67 days away.


  1. Haha I love it...he was cute but.... Priorities sweatshirts are up there these days. Glad you had a great cool time!

  2. i felt it this morning and im loving it!! what a fun get away, it looks like the boys were in heaven, and i love the family photo!