Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So, my Polar Express pics are STILL in the trash. I am thinking a visit to the Apple Store will be needed to get those precious memories back. :( Until I get it together to make that visit, I went for Plan B and I am going to use Kari's pics. THANK YOU Kari for providing me some blog worthy pics. I knew that's why we traveled together. Let's now go back in time, to Dec. 16, 2010, and go for a ride on the Polar Express.

Here's the participating kiddos.

CHEERS to the Polar Express!!!

Here we are...

All aboard...

We must be getting close to the North Pole...keeping an eye out for SANTA.

WOO HOO...the big man himself!!!

Cutter getting his bell.

This is by far the best pic of the night!!!

Seriously, I crack up everytime I see this picture.

Can you guess which Dad believes in Santa???
Can you guess which Dad's heartstrings are being pulled???
Can you guess which Dad is LOVING this magical ride???


Seriously...crackin' up!!!

Thanks Friedman's for the memories!!!


  1. you know my theroey on plan bs right? so love collins face, hes is a little kid himself! gotta love santa..
    glad you guys partyed for the new years.. too 2011, its gunna be good!

  2. We had such a fun time too and was glad we could create memories together!! I know we'll never forget the pic of Collin and Seth and we will be talking about that for years to come :)