Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Day w/ CW

DAY 2 in Telluride was a mommy and Christian Walker day. It was TOO FUN!!! Cutter was away at ski I took my one kid, Collin's dad, and we headed out for the afternoon.

We met up with Collin for lunch.

Oh, our funny Christian Walker!

After lunch, we took the gondola and headed over to Telluride.

We checked out the slopes.

Christian made some prints in the snow.

He even made a new friend.

We checked out some icicles too.

I L-O-V-E this town!!!

THANKS CHRISTIAN for hanging with me!!!

I loved every minute!!!


  1. I LOVE all of the pictures of you and your baby :) Looks like you had some quality CW time!

  2. love the one and one time, theres nothing quite like it! and i LOVE that in this post there were a few photos of you! i bet christian was pumped he got to chill w just you for a day!