Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Grand Finale...BEANTOWN

Oh, so sad, the last day of our trip has approached. We decided to spend the day in Boston, Ma, and we had a WICKED good time!!! Collin and I both decided that this was our favorite day yet!!!

Since we only had one day we had to be efficient.
What better way to see Boston then by the Old Town Trolley!

What's our plan of attack boys?

Christian taking it all in.

The attempt at the one arm family shot.
If I only would have lifted Cutter up a little more.

A definite must see...the Green Monster.

We made a last minute stop decision and decided to check out the aquarium.
This was the first time Cutter actually seemed to be enjoying himself.


After seeing some giant turtles, sea lions, eels, and penquins,
it was time to get back on the trolley.


Ever read the book MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS?
Here they are...


Cutter fishing for ickiness!!!

OH, we can't forget the place where everyone knows your name!

To top off the night we headed out for dinner, and the boys got to
take a ride in their first taxi.

It came with treats. :)

Here the boys are waiting in line, for what was supposed to be
one of the best pizza places in town, according to the Food Network.


It did not disappoint.

We left with full bellies, and were ready for nighty night time.
Our flight was at 6:00 AM!!!

All in all, it was an absolutely FAB time, and a good summertime family vacation.

(shhhhh, kindergarten is a coming)

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  1. love the ducks all lined up, so glad you lucked out with thomas the train... it was a good trip.