Thursday, June 24, 2010

So, how was your afternoon???

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MINE!!! I locked my keys in my car, and thus had to walk home with my kids. Well, knowing I couldn't get into my house I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing. Collin was in Prescott, and the ONLY ONE who has an extra key to the house or my car. (We might have to create a new plan.) AND all my Anthem peeps were not readily available. (Paige, if I got desperate I was walking over to you. I knew you had a full house.) GOOD TIMES WERE AHEAD!!!

FIRST, I thought there was going to be a miracle because we got home and Koda was in the backyard. I was thinking the kids let her out and forgot to lock the back door! NOPE!!! So, after making my calls and texts, I figured we had about an hour or so to chill, so we made use of the backyard. :)

The boys rode bikes.

Cutter had a straw, so he was going to be fine.

Christian played IN the water table!

OH...what if someone had to go to the bathroom?!

You gotta love the ease of boys! BUT...WHAT??? Christian you have to go number 2???

That's right...use your imagination!
You notice Cutter cracking up :)

HOORAY!!! It is the calvary!!! THANK YOU REYES FAMILY!!!
(FYI: Christian shirtless=a good wipe) :)

And that my friends was my afternoon!!!


  1. what you turd...i soo could have used the company you know that!!

  2. The picture of Christian holding the butter bowl is CLASSIC!! I love the fact that Cutter is cracking up..he reminds me of Collin in that picture. I'm so happy that your day turned out to be great and thank goodness for your cell phone camera!! Now you need to hide a key in your yard or give it to one of your Anthem peeps!!

  3. UM>>>>i love that you were locked out of your car and house, but still managed to have your CAMERA......HYSTERICAL! what a super star blogger! julia

  4. Ha! I agree with Julia about the camera! YOU MAKE ME PROUD!!! KK