Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 THUMBS UP!!! Collin has brought it to my attention that I am "slowing down" with the blog. That's his polite way of saying I am lagging in updates. Did he not read the last entry??? You know the part where I am taking 3 online classes and we don't DO ANYTHING!!! I guess that's not good enough, so I guess I need to get on it. we go...I will create magic out of not doing ANYTHING!!!

Actually, I had been meaning to post this the same time as the no diapers in the Kennedy House, but didn't know what to do. So here's what I did...

That's right...we have no more thumb suckers!!! WOO HOO!!! This has been our battle, not totally faced, but a long time coming. BACKSTORY: Our kids were thumbsuckers, Collin was until 3rd grade, had an overbite, wore headgear, and feared for our children's social well-being!!! Cutter and Christian's thumbsucking was so bad we could hear them at night, from our bedroom!!! LOUD!!! We have tried a couple times to get them to stop, but didn't really know how to go about it. MIRACLE: Cutter went to the dentist in mid May, we talked about thumbsucking, got the same pamphlets we always get, but this time, it worked!!!

The pamphlet had some pics, I showed them to the kids, and VOILA, I swear they stopped that day!!! I was going to show you some of the thumbsucking teeth pics (which I so lovingly told my boys that is what their teeth will look like...DISGUSTING and BLOODY!), but thought they might be a bit much. They also had this crazy shirt with no holes in the pamphlet, in which Cutter seemed to have a very strong reaction too.

Again, with love, I told him HE WILL BE WEARING THAT SHIRT if he didn't stop. I guess the LOVE worked! Moral of the story...if you have them gross pictures of bloody teeth and weird shirts and they will stop! OH, but don't forget the L-O-V-E!!!

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