Saturday, May 24, 2014

WHAT'S THE WHAT?!!!'s certainly been awhile since I've posted.  It's been partly lazy, and just busy...well more lazy.'s summer now, so let's hope I can get unlazy, and get back to blogging!  The best way to start, just a quick update of what's the what with the Kennedy's.

Since Christian's bday, I turned 39!!!  So crazy, as I feel like I am 21.  I had big plans, but ended up with most likely strep, so spent the day of my bday and weekend sick.  Luckily, I had snuck the boys out of school the day before to do some pre-bday celebrating.  We hit the movies and saw Rio 2.

Collin turned 37.

I went on the movie field trip with Cutter to see Bears.

Christian got his mandarin name that he goes by for the rest of his school year.
Cutter got to present it to him.
Not sure what it was, but it means "one who enlightens others".

The week before school got out, I let each kid pick a day, ditch school, and just had some one on one time with each of my boys.

The last day of school came.
We are done with 1st and 3rd, and both kids had a good year, and the grades reflected it!
Cutter had his best year yet, and made honor roll all 4 quarters!

Only took pic of Christian with his teachers.
Cutter didn't care, of course!

I guess that's the whats of what's been happening here.

Bring on Summer!!!

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