Saturday, November 2, 2013


This was the easiest year yet, I mean costume wise.  Cutter and Christian both wanted to be the same thing!  Even better, all I had to do was buy a cardboard head!  They were Steve...from's a video game.  It was a little touch and go this week with Christian being sick.  However, he bounced back in time and got to trick or treat!  We went to the Schweigert's house for some chili and nachos before heading out.  It was a perfect Halloween!  (OH, can't forget ASU was on at 7:30, so we had to get the festivities going by then...THEY WON!)

This was Christian's haul.  

As usual...Cutter wanted to quit early.
He was still happy though with his loot.

Bring on the holiday season!

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  1. looks like you guys did the big day up right!!
    and congrats cutter that is awesome!!!