Sunday, July 7, 2013

And it's a wrap...

Whew...I am happy to stick a fork in this 4th of July LOOONNNNGGG weekend!  I'll admit, I tried to convince Collin to go somewhere, since he was off work.  Shock of all shocks, this time he didn't bite.  I was so afraid we would be BORED to bits, with 5 days to ourselves.  BUT...lo and behold, we were BUSY, and had a really good 4th holiday!  Now, had I just taken some decent one regret!  There's no way to spice this post up, so here's a few pics I did take. 

FIREWORKS...we did take in Anthem's fireworks with some friends.
We also went to a BBQ, and had a good time with some store bought fireworks!

We broke ground in the sleepover department.
The kids had a friend sleepover on Wed., and then after another BBQ, they spent the night over on Saturday with the same friend.  I kinda like the idea that they went together.
However, so not ready to call myself a fan of the sleepover, just yet.

These 3 got to do some bonding with Collin's dad,
and hit the Diamondbacks game on Friday.

Then we made sure to top it off today...
and hit Despicable Me 2.

I'll be looking forward to an early bedtime tonight!

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  1. you guys did it all!!! and i think swimming and the fireworks is where its at!!!