Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Collin now says that Halloween is his favorite holiday!  Hmmmm....could it be the new neighborhood?!  Whatever it is, we had a good one this year!!!  Of course there were school parties...I was in charge of Cutter's so no photos of course.  Collin was able to go to Christian's, so a few pics were taken.  The evening then started with a pre-party at the Schweigert's, trick or treating, Cutter giving up early, Christian having his buddy Elle to hang with, lots of eating, and coming back home to hang w/ the neighbors, and having a last minute meal.  LOVED it all, and had a blast!

Oh the thought of eating that candy makes me sick!

I'm sure I will get over it!  :)


  1. Hey I found you!!! Looks like your Halloween was fabulous! Love the picture with Christian and Elle, so cute!

  2. 1st... i think it might be the fancy schmancy new neighborhood!!! i wish we had a billion kids running everywhere!!
    2... did brook come threw with teh sewing of that fab wheres waldo shirt cuz it looks top notch!
    3.. we were said we did get to hit the PRE PARTY.. damn heaps always running alittle behind ;)
    4TH.. I saw cutter at the parade representing your team but you were missing in action???