Friday, August 10, 2012

San Diego, Tucson, Vegas...where to go???

OH THE CHOICES???  We took it a little easy this summer, due to our move right before summer started.  We weren't sure if we would get our house rented, and just how things would pan out with the new house, so we put travel plans on hold.  WELL...Collin got antsy, and said we are outta here!  We had time for a last family hurrah...before school started!  WAHOO!!!  The only problem...we could not decide where to go.  The final destination was decided....

We headed back to Vegas!  I think Collin felt left out, since he did miss the last trip.  Anyhow, I did a quick search for pools and waterslides, and we ended up returning to the Excalibur!  It was perfect, and I think Cutter was in heaven with getting to have Krispy Kreme in the hotel AND doughnuts each morning!!!  We stayed an extra night, which is something we aren't used to doing, but it paid off!

The perfect view!

We had tons of pool time!

Oh, and some playtime!

"Danny, come play with us...forever & ever..."

We have a winner!

Did you know Iron Man smoked??? sweet family!

And that folks, was the last hurrah!!!

School starts on Monday!!!



  1. Looks right up Kennedy alley. Glad you didn't get totally hosed on vacations this summer. Looks like Vegas was a winner. And now, back to reality my friend.....

  2. love that you made it to vegas and love that you made it down to the volcano, even if it got sticky there for a bit ;) nothing like a last vak before school starting!