Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th (or 3rd) of July Festivities

This holiday time usually consists of bbq's, pool parties, fireworks, and friends!  I think we managed to fit it all in!  Anthem is always a day early with the celebration, so we have had 2 days of FUN!!!  First, the Jones Family came over on the 3rd to watch some fireworks.  Nothing better than when the kids can play, and the adults can talk!  

With the 3rd festivities, it was nice to just have the 4th to do what we wanted.  Collin was off so it was GREAT!  I took kids to the summer movie, Collin's mom met me & picked them up, Collin and I got to go to lunch and hit a movie.  Then we headed over to get the kids and have some yummy burgers!  Of course, I have no pics of the 4th, but trust me when I saw it was lovely!

The Jones Family


The crazy kids! 




Smores time!




 I guess this means we are halfway through summer!

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  1. looks like a fab 3rd/4th ;) gotta love celbrating it twice in az!
    oh and good work on the bike.. wahooo!