Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cloudcroft, NM

Last Wednesday we headed out to a family reunion in Cloudcroft, NM.  It was a GREAT time, and so good to see Collin's family.  They are one fun bunch!  To make the most of the trip, we headed out on Wed. after Collin was done with work.  We broke up the 8 hour drive, and stopped after about 5 hours.  Our kids sure love to stay at hotels...well even motels for that matter.

The jumping from bed to bed never gets old.

We were back on the road the next day, for an easy 3 hour drive to "The Lodge".
 This is our casa for the next 3 nights.

Tons for kids to do...

The water was FREEZING...the pool heater of course was not working.
Soooo, a lot of time was spent in the hot tub.


 They didn't seem to mind the cold though, and continued to hit the pool each day...even in the rain!!!

Horseshoes was a hit!

We even brought the scooters!

This pool table became the place to sit!

The happy parents, who did not have to entertain kids!

We hit a tasty joint for dinner.

Unfortunately...this poor kiddo came down with a bug.
Nothing like sleeping next to the trash!

With Christian down...Collin and Cutter spent some time together.

Luckily he bounced back, and we got to join everyone for the pre-Father's Day dinner out.

We headed out the next morning...boo hoo!

BYE BYE Cloudcroft...we had FUN!!!


  1. Cool pics! Looks like a great time. Sorry Christian came down with the icky's, but glad he bounced back. See you soon!

  2. looks so fun, i love how you kids love the hotel bed hoping like mine :) so sorry christian go sick,glad he bounced back quick and no one else got it!