Monday, April 9, 2012

2 Days Late...this time!

The day before we Easter we celebrated this kiddo!

We started the day with the first soccer game of the season,
and he picked a bagel sandwich for his birthday lunch.

The big party was at The Playfort!

He had a great time, and got some sweet presents!

Let me just say, I don't recommend the Squishy Baff!

After he opened some gifts, we were off to dinner.

He, like Cutter, made a last minute switch.
He wanted to stay close to home so he could get back to his new goods quicker.

He did get a tasty birthday dessert!

It was a long day but a fun day!

Oh, Christian Kennedy, what can we say about you?!

YOU ARE ALL BOY...still!!!
You love anything boy related, we never know what will come out of your mouth, you are a stinker, have some sweet athletic skills, you love having friends, could survive on nothing but junk, are super good at eating new foods, want everything you see on a commercial,
but you do know how to love!



  1. Oh Christian Happy Birthday!!! I love how you always asK "how's the baby"?, you always notice when someone gets a new hairdo (your wife will love you for that), and that you are Elle's bestest Friend and Elle and Jane both want to marry you, You must be special. NOW FOR YOUR MOTHER!! I TOLD HER NOT ONE COMPLAINT ABOUT SQUISHY BAFF! SHOULD WE REMIND HER THAT IT WAS HER IDEA!?

  2. happy birthday christian.. that party looks amazing you can never go wrong with the play fort!!! and it sounds like you did the whole day up just right!! im just wondering what squishy barf is????