Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A day late...but he's still 7!

Cutter's bday was yesterday, and man I feel like we have been celebrating for days!!! Between it being spring break last week, having his bday party, and hitting the carnival, it has been quite the celebration!

He had a bowling party.

The morning of him turning 7, before school.

We brought him lunch...McDonald's.

Then, of course, treats for the class.

Riding the new bday present after school.

He had gymnastics, then got to pick dinner. Collin and I thought we were set, he wanted PF Changs! Then he made a last minute switch to Logan's. WHAT???'s your bday.

He was mortified when they did the bday announcement!

We gave him a night off, and did NO HOMEWORK!!!

And that's how you turn 7!

Cutter Andrew...we sure do love you! You are still digging straws, still easy going, very sweet and nice to others, aren't too much of a fan of long school days, you love eating out, your a bit shy, not quite a phone person, and can't get enough of daddy's Ipad.



  1. Happy Birthday Cutter! Sounds like your mom and dad know how to make it special with all your favorite things! And how cute was that little girl telling you how fun the party was. Must of been a hit! Can't wait for Christians birthday next!

  2. holly cow, he's 7...

    happy birthday!!! looks like you had a day of all days!!! love the pin all sighned up, so cute!

  3. Great pics from Cutter's special day. He is sure loved by his family! Glad we could hang a bit at the carnival too. Happy, Happy Birthday Cutter!