Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Cutter and Christian...

Allow me to tell you a story about the good times of being a "homeroom mom". Oh wait, I can't, because there are none!!!

As you are in bed, resting, warm, and snuggled up, I am slaving away in the kitchen, still unshowered, in gym clothes, lower back hurting, and making 13 gingerbread houses for a 4 year old preschooler who lives here! After these lovely homes are made, I must then transport them back to school, still standing, so that on Thursday your classmates can stick candy on them, which they will then take home, and their dog will probably eat! AWESOME...all my hard work gone! Good times!!!

Don't think you are off the hook, my little 6 year old! I probably have a backache because yesterday I was bent over your play picnic table, spray painting 8 egg cartons, of which I had to go back to the store for more paint, AND now have a sore forearm from pushing down the stinking nozzle from which the paint comes out! I did manage to wake up (figured I would have been dead from the fumes) and the fun started all over again. I then had to cut these egg cartons, so I would have 90 something pieces, which each piece then had to have a hole punched in it, and then bagged for separate classes. SO FUN!!!

All this joy...

So, like your brother on Thursday, you and your classmates can make this...

Yes, I will post this, because who knows where this keepsake will be in 10 years?!
I bet chewed up by a dog! Good times!

Well, my handsome boys, the good times are that I can do this for you. I will probably be back working in a couple years, so I will take all the good times that my "homeroom mom" title gives me. In the end, I am truly blessed that your dad works so hard, so I can be there for you both. I LOVE IT and I LOVE YOU!!! to shower!!!

LOVE, Mommy


  1. that is so cute lorie.. dont ever use the "im not craty" excuse agian cuz i wont belive it!

  2. Dear Lor,

    Next time please ask your friend (whose daughter will be enjoying that project) to help you! Or you're gonna get it!