Saturday, November 26, 2011


The festivities started the day before at Cutter's Thanksgiving Picnic.
Who needs turkey when you can have McDonald's?!

We were outta here on Thanksgiving morning, and headed up north.
Nothing better than being in the mountains for some holiday fun.

A little car playing on the porch.

Some dirt...which later would be my nemesis.

UGH...this was a taste of dirtiness before.
After we ate, they went at it again...

I luckily found a Walgreen's open in Camp Verde,
where I purchased some Oxiclean spray.

We did manage a clean family pic.

Thanksgiving came to a close at my aunt's and we went back to my parents for one more night.

The kids had some FUN & I got to relax. :)

We are starting them young with some driving lessons.

Christian even made us breakfast before we headed back home.

It was the perfect holiday, with just the right mix of rest and fun!

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  1. looks like the perfect thanksgiving, my boys would have loved to run wild there, and the pancakes look delish!!! oh and im so glad to see you got the AWSOME school picnic too :)