Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Rally Cap

So, I admit it, I am really lagging with the posts. I was already to do this post Friday, but got a case of the lazies! Sooooo, let's just pretend it's Friday, and on this particular evening in the Kennedy house we are watching the Dbacks, hoping they win game 5.

Collin explaining to Christian,
the importance of the "rally cap".

The Dbacks need to rally, so let's flip our hats inside out, shall we?!

OH MY...it might be working?!

HOORAY...the DBACKS tied it up in the 9th!!!

Unfortunately, they took off their caps and the Dbacks lost! :(

Oh well...at least we still have ASU!!!


  1. That was a funny post!!! Where was Cutter?

  2. dang dbacks!!! glad the rally cap is now known in your house! talked to your hubby at practice the other night, he said you looked smoking for the big wedding!! so now im just waiting for that post ;)