Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What went down for the fourth?!

3 BBQ's, fireworks, 1 movie, and lots of swimming!!! Oh, and I really lagged in the picture taking! Way to go, mom! I was thinking it would be fun to just enjoy being present, and not have to worry about taking the right pic for the blog...BAD MOVE!!! I will worn you now, this is very BLAH!!! (Jess, I even tried to steal the pics you sent me, but couldn't pull them up.)

In a nutshell, we swam nonstop, watched fireworks with Wyatt and Sawyer, had a bbq on Saturday, on Sunday, and Monday! Oh, and the most important...we squeezed Transformers in too! I think I am happy to see the 4th go?! Now, without further ado, please enjoy my boring post. :)

Cutter is floatie free!!!

It's movie time!!!

Featuring our newest addition...EMMA!!!


Mom always needs to have a camera AND take blog worthy photos!!!

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  1. now that looks like a fourth done up right. theres no way you can survive a az fourth not hitting the pool ;)