Monday, June 6, 2011

11 Days Later...

We are doing it again...the tooth thing, that is.

After we put the kids to bed last night, Cutter comes back out with a bloody mouth. He said he thought his tooth was much looser. REALLY....what were you doing in bed besides not going to sleep?! He must have been doing some serious tooth wiggling! Christian was asleep,
so we got to work on getting his tooth out.

This is his nervous drawing.
He worked on it in between pulling tries.

Let's take this project to the bathroom, please?!


Cutter got another 4 quarters from the good ol' tooth fairy!
His grand total is a whopping $1.50!
(He spent 50 cents from his first go around on a Snickers.)

Dentist appt. on Wed., looking forward to what they have to say about new tooth coming in.


  1. that kids gunn b rolling in it here soon with all his tooth fairy money:) what a brave kid!

  2. Looks like you guys are having a GREAT summer, teeth and all!
    Since when did the Tooth Fairy start giving $10 for a tooth??!! Sure has changed from when we were little! That price would break the bank, Lorie.