Wednesday, March 23, 2011


For forever, I have been saying that I am going to make only one dinner and everyone has to eat it! Well, with Cutter about to turn 6, that has yet to happen. UNTIL TONIGHT...I went for it! I really went for it, because I made a meal that I have never even attempted to make either child eat...SOUP! I got a recipe for taco soup I have been meaning to make since Monday. I took the boys with me to the store, and as I was getting the ingredients, I kept saying, "WE ARE HAVING SOUP FOR DINNER!!!"

It was a hit with everyone, except...
that's guessed it...C.U.T.T.E.R!!!

Here is Collin, still sitting with Cutter at the table.
(oh yes, he has a straw in the hand you can't see)

Collin trying to feed our ALMOST 6 year old!!! WTH???


Collin has given up, so I bring in some chips to help him finish it off.

The kitchen was cleaned up, dinner was cleaned up,
Christian had dessert, all in the time it took Cutter to finish.

A little secret...
I had a pizza for him in the freezer.
I had no intention of actually making him eat the soup! :)



  1. I am salivating just reading this. Taco soup is SO GOOD. I think I am tearing up because I want it so badly.I'm losing it!
    Only you and Kari will understand why I am so passionately opinionated about food right now!

    -One Hungry Girl

  2. look at you go... im impressed. theres nothingworse then nmaking dinner and hearing complants.

    and happy anaversary.. you too are darling together and he is so lucky to have such a cute supportive wife. love the pic of you 2!