Friday, February 11, 2011

The Valentine's Project

Last night we tackled Cutter's "family project". He gets a monthly project in kindergarten for the family to do together. Well, I have my creative control issues, so this time I let go and let him make the decisions. He needed to make a holder for his valentines he'll get on Monday in school. The only rule was it had to stand on it's own. I took him to Michaels and let him pick what he needed. We came home with a red bag and some stickers. EASY PEAZY!!! OH, and the best part, very clean. :)

Christian needed a bag too. We had to keep the peace.

A little help from dad.

The finished projects.

The bummer of it all was today Cutter was to present it to the class.
Unfortunately, he stayed home sick. :(

My fingers are crossed that he can be there for Valentine's Day.


  1. I'm sorry that you and Cutter are sick :( Get well fast oh and by the way I love tohe stickers on their faces :) Good job on the project mommy!

  2. i love how one school project always turns out to be 2.. at our house its 3 :) turned out darling... darn sickness