Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's happening here....

I just thought I would post a couple things happening here. Well, we have gone from colds, to hives, to croup! AWESOME! Luckily it's all Christian and Cutter managed to come through his cold fast and with no other issues. Christian's hives really started coming before our Christmas tree outing, BUT we were getting out regardless!

This is me driving Christian around at 4 AM on Monday morning. It's what we do to clear up his cough. We drive around with the windows open so he can breathe in the cold air. He must not have been in the mood to smile.

We took a trip to the dr. and he was given a clean bill of health. However, he was given some DISGUSTING medicine for his cough!!! I tried 1st to give it him and knew there was no hope without trying to disguise it. I called for reinforcements...DAD...to get him something to mix it in. Gatorade was the choice and this stuff was so DISGUSTING a whole bottle of it wouldn't help. Next...Hi C drink from McDonald's and a talk about "you just gotta take it, and then take a drink right after...if you don't mom and dad will pin you down!!!" So Christian chose to do it on his own. :)

This is Collin trying to reason with Christian about taking it.

Whew...the sales pitch worked...Christian going for it.


NEXT...the cry and Christian saying his stomach hurt...THEN...

The blogger in me should have gotten the puke shot. :(
However, I know it was freakin' payback for me doing the same thing when I was little.
(mom and dad, I know you are loving this)

In the end Christian won and we didn't attempt anymore.

TODAY...we had Cutter's Thanksgiving picnic at school. So we took Christian and his cough and headed out. I could not wait for the looks I was going to get once Christian started barking like a seal. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Cutter and his fake smile.

Christian took himself and his cough to the corner to play in the sand.

We made it through the picnic & with no major coughing. Whew!

LASTLY...we will be making a trip later to Walgreens, AND lucky Christian will get some ice cream! He doesn't know it yet, but we'll even get him a topping for it! Our choice...another prescription, a pill this time, that we will crush and sprinkle on top. YUMMY!!!

I am sure he will LOVE it!!!

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  1. I'm so sorry he is so sick...he needs to get better cause we need to get our butts to the gym....no excuses remember? mwhahahaha!!